Saturday, January 27, 2007

Awesome CTLSO back and neck brace up for grabs on eBay

I propose a new semi-regular sort of post...Fantastic eBay finds.

While it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to buy a lot of cast themed things on this global marketplace table (however you can usually buy the items required for casting such as fiberglass, cast padding and cast stockinette - as well as items like crutches and cast shoes), there are regularly fantastic medical bracing items available. (And I know that a lot of my fellow casters, also appreciate and enjoy neck and orthopedic braces, just like I do.)

Unless otherwise stated, I don't personally know any of the people who are posting their items on eBay, the selections ("highlights" if you will) that I'll put up here will be ones which caught my interest and that I hope some of you might find equally interesting.

This week while cruising through good 'Bay, I came across this stunning CTLSO Back Brace with shoulder stir-ups. Wow! The price - as to be expected - has already risen to nearly $200 US, but my stars, is it the sort of brace that makes me weak in the knees at the thought of wearing it. It's a tad too rich for my blood though this week, and so I'm not bidding, but I sure wish that I was. The bidding on this item will end on 29-Jan-07 01:02:48 EST, and the seller (who has perfect eBay feedback) says that they will ship worldwide.

It (the brace) appears to be in very good condition. It combines a solid white plastic (clam) shell torso/back brace with an attached hard collar neck brace/cervical collar (somewhat like a Philadelphia style neck brace, but larger and more sturdy looking - complete with an attached headrest!). Even if you haven't the slightest intention of buying it, this brace is so superb that I suggest you take a few moments just to gawk over it. Perhaps I'm so drawn to this lovely body brace because, in a way, its sheer size and color reminds me a bit of a white cast. Plus, I've long adored neck/halo braces which head braces attached to them, so this back large brace just screams out to my tastes all the more.

If anybody who reads this blog ends up ordering it, please let me know what a treasure it proves to be!

CTLSO Back Brace