Thursday, May 25, 2006


It occurs to me as I lay awake in bed, as I so often do, that there is not likely any blogs for recreational casters. I mull this over, do I?

The tangled web of cast sites and yahoo groups, some long abandoned like a childhood toy box full of things we once treasured and returned to time and time again. Others expired, domains with names but no purpose, totting adds for everything but the one reason that you came looking for. Some pages started and hardly touched – did the love die, or was the creator exposed, did the fun stop when it turned into work? We can only guess as to their demise.

So from the Pompeian ruins of over a decade’s worth of casting sites we see but a handful which have held on to the rock of internet life, and those who have emerged triumphantly in the past few years. You know their names, and if you don’t they’ll likely be mentioned here eventually. That is the nature of this world, so secular and mysterious, yet no more unique than a thousand other interests. Where after a while every public name becomes a familiarity, like high school by the eleventh grade – you’d heard tell of everyone.

To those sites that triumph, I doff my hat, may you always have success. To those who fell to the wayside, where you failed or ended may others pick up your fallen reigns. Sites with promising titles and empty pages, sites where every chance to see what you crave is granted – if you fork over the cash. Granting freedom and providing fulfilment in the world of anything even vaguely related to sexuality is a thriving business, anyone with half a whit realizes the potentiality of pay per-view or membership sites. I won’t launch into the merits and qualms of these sites. Like so much in this world, they have their place.

So here I sit, and realize my hands have created this blog, a place to pick up casting from the soiled gutter and wipe its tarnish and misbegotten name off. One spot in the vast cosmos to ponder and put forth ideas and some might even say beliefs, about casting. Here it is, the birth of a blog called Cast-World, an insightful voice on all aspects of that sweet and tantalizing art, and fascination, which is casting.