Friday, September 01, 2006

Does Steve Jobs like casts?

Okay, forgive the title, I couldn't resist :-) This new Mac vs PC add is so awesome that I can't help but wonder who in the marketing department is a rec caster (or at least hope that such was the case).

In their on-going attempt to both humorously - and ever so slightly passive aggressively - try to top one another (in what reminds me of a Spy vs Spy cartoon for some reason) we see that in this clip PC has at last come to suffer real physical pain as a result of being an easily "crash-able" system.

While most people can grimace in total sympathy towards PC at the idea of having your computer crash and burn, few amongst us feels anything but delight as we see John Hodgman (the PC character) sitting in a wheelchair decked out in a left arm SAC, left leg LLC (though it doesn't appear to go much beyond his knee) and right arm LAC - all of which have the general appearance of being made from white plaster.

Irregardless of what computer you turn on each night, at least one thing in this add is clear for cast lovers everywhere, Mac is certainly the runner up here!


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