Thursday, November 16, 2006

Teddy needs a hug

I'll plainly admit it, I do have a perpetual soft spot for adorable things, and this body casted little teddy bear is one of the cutest things that I've chanced upon in ages.

Beyond it's "awww" factor, this bear reminds me of many, many, many days (who am I kidding, it's more like countless hours) that I spent playing "hospital" as a child, When I couldn't lasso a friend or relative into being the person that I wrapped in casts (aka, tension bandages, white fabric, gauze, white bed linens, etc) - or in conjunction with them - I would lovingly swaddle my dolls, stuffed animals and Barbies in all manner of casts (most often full body casts, but I had a penchant for LLCs too - especially on Barbie's mile long gams).

There was so much simple, beautiful innocence about those days. At five or six years old you don't have to contend with all of the sexual thoughts that later come into play (for nearly all casters). I was the doctor or nurse (complete with costumes and a play doctor's kit) and these toys were merely my wounded patients who required a huge dose of TLC.

It was fun, it was special, and when I look back upon those carefree casting days, I am thankful for each and every one of them. For they helped to shape me into the casting enthusiast, and quite frankly the woman, that I am today.

(Teddy bear shot from Phi on Flickr)